Northumberland Ladies: The Dunlop Northumberland & Durham Tennis League

  Team Division Opposition H/A Date Day Time Captain
  1 LA Jesmond I A 25/05/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  Durham Archery I H 11/05/2017 Thursday 6.15PM Tracy Smith
  Virgin Active Wearside I A 08/05/2017 Monday 6.15PM 07721 011088
  Boldon I H 19/05/2017 Friday 6.15PM 
  Gosforth I A 15/06/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  Cullercoats I H 14/05/2017 Sunday 1PM  
  2 LB Beverley Park I H 16/05/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  David Lloyd I H 11/07/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM Alison Charlewood
  Blaydon I A 23/05/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM 07931 364588
  Durham Archery II A 08/06/2017 Thursday 6.15PM
  Shotley and Benfieldside I A 20/07/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  Stocksfield I H 25/04/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  3 LC Cullercoats II H 27/04/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  Boldon II A 26/06/2017 Monday 6.15PM Collette Laws
  Tynedale I H 08/05/2017 Monday 6.15PM 07929 532305
  Alnwick A 14/05/2017 Sunday 10AM
  Jesmond 2 H 12/06/2017 Monday 6.15PM  
  Morpeth    A 30/07/2017 Sunday 6.15PM  
  4 LE1 Virgin Active Wearside II H 30/05/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  Blaydon II A 20/06/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM Helen Sims
  Ponteland I H 04/05/2017 Thursday 6.15PM 07977 759212
  Stocksfield II A 12/04/2017 Wednesday 6.15PM
  Gosforth II H 18/05/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  David Lloyd II A 13/07/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  5 LE2 Cullercoats III H 08/06/2017 Thursday 6.15PM  
  Collingwood A 10/07/2017 Monday 6.15PM  
  Rothbury H 15/05/2017 Monday 6.15PM  
  Blaydon III A 04/07/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  Tynedale II H 24/04/2017 Monday 6.15PM  
  Beverley Park II A 23/05/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  6 LF1 Cullercoats IV A 21/05/2017 Sunday 10AM  
  Cramlington Community H 28/04/2017 Friday 6.15PM Nikki Cato
  Blaydon IV A 15/06/2017 Thursday 6.15PM 07504 880374
  Boldon III H 03/07/2017 Monday 6.15PM

  SN Churchill I A 14/07/2017 Friday 6.15PM  
  Wylam  H 30/05/2017 Tuesday 6.15PM  
  Tynedale III A 11/05/2017 Thursday 6.15PM