The Gordon Brewis Tennis Centre

Northumberland Club members are able to play indoor tennis in the Gordon Brewis Tennis Centre, home of the Northumberland High Performance Centre.  The three courts can be booked via the online booking system or at the Club's reception desk.

The Gordon Brewis Tennis Centre was opened in 1996 by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) President Sir Geoffrey Cass and is an indoor facility serving the whole of Northumberland. Members of any LTA affiliated tennis Club within Northumberland are able to purchase an indoor tennis membership and book courts accordingly.

Members of The Northumberland Club who wish to play indoors, may do so without the need for a separate membership.

All users must pay for their indoor bookings as shown below.

Autumn / Winter Rates:
Off Peak (Mon to Fri 7am-5pm & weekends) Hour: £16.00
Off Peak half hour: £8.00
Off Peak walk on hour (5 mins before play time): £8.00 
Off peak walk on half hour: £4.00

Peak hour (Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm): £23.40
Peak half hour: £11.70
Peak hour walk on (5 mins before play time): £11.70
Peak half hour walk on (5 mins before play time): £5.85

Non Member / NCTC VISITOR: £10.00


A 50% 'walk on' discount of the hourly rate is applicable, if the court is booked 10 minutes before play