Premier Squash League

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Game 1 Results

Northumberland Club / Newcastle University (0) 0-5 University of Nottingham (13)

Cameron Pilley 0-2 Nick Matthew             10-12, 8-11
Piedro Schweertman 0-2 Declan James     7-11, 8-11
Robert Downer 0-2 Richie Fallows             4-11, 10-12
Chris Wiggins 0-2 Adam Auckland             8-11, 7-11
Sam Ward 0-2 Hana Ramadan                   3-11, 5-11

Full results from all teams here.

League Fixtures will feature five-player teams (4 men, 1 woman) with each individual match played as best-of-three.

25 Sep Warken v Birmingham 25 Sep Welsh Wizards v Coolhurst  
  Pontefract v Bristol   St George’s v RAC  
  Newcastle v Nottingham 28 Sep Bexley v Chichester  
ROUND 2   R2    
23 Oct Bristol v WarKen 19 Oct Coolhurst v Bexley  
  Nottingham v Pontefract 23 Oct RAC v Welsh Wizards  
  Birmingham v Newcastle   Chichester v St George’s  
ROUND 3   R3    
06 Nov WarKen v Nottingham 06 Nov Welsh Wizards v Chichester  
  Pontefract v Newcastle   RAC v Coolhurst  
09 Nov Bristol v Birmingham   St George’s v Bexley  
ROUND 4   R4    
27 Nov WarKen v Pontefract 27 Nov Welsh Wizards v St George’s  
  Birmingham v Nottingham   RAC v Bexley  
30 Nov Bristol v Newcastle 30 Nov Coolhurst v Chichester  
ROUND 5   R5    
04 Dec Newcastle v WarKen 04 Dec Chichester v RAC  
  Nottingham v Bristol   St George’s v Coolhurst  
  Pontefract v Birmingham 07 Dec Bexley v Welsh Wizards