Hot Pod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga is pioneering yoga for real life, and inflated in Newcastle!

Our classes are grounded in reality and thus suitable for every body and every mind: ladies, gentlemen, beginners, seasoned professionals, young and old! You need only bring water and a towel to enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class – an active and passive flow of postures in our other-worldly 20 person inflatable Pod – heated to 37 degrees to supercharge the yoga experience. Afterwards? Your mind will be a little calmer; your body a little looser, and yes – you’ll be a whole lot sweatier.

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Weekly Schedule on the week starting Sunday 17th December on
Wednesday 13 December 06:30
Wednesday 13 December 09:30
Wednesday 13 December 12:30
Thursday 14 December 17:30
Thursday 14 December 19:00
Friday 15 December 06:30
Friday 15 December 10:00