Geordie Race Night

Let your adrenaline soar and enjoy a day at the races as you cheer ‘whyaye’, chant ‘Get in’ and scream ‘Toon Toon’ for the jockeys to get their horses round first. 

Whether you spend a little or win a lot, we will offer you a canny evening packed with propa excitement man! Bait on offer will be good old Geordie grub with race goers either dining on Mince & onion or a Chicken pie plus extras served on a paper boat!

Race goers are encouraged to wear their best Newcastle colours of black and white or for the more daring to come dressed as a famous Tynesider such as Wor Cheryl or even Oz from ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ – whatever makes you feel proper belter!

Tickets for race goers just £10.

Ps. We are also looking for 8 race sponsors at just £10! Or maybe you'd like to be our main event sponsor at £30? Interested? Whyaye man! Email us on to get involved, you'll be a divvy if you don't.