Badminton Improvers

This course will build on the basics you have acquired (either recently or some time ago) to develop your ability and understanding of the game.  This course is for those who are relatively inexperienced; wishing to progress from a beginner course or who play socially and want some coaching to improve their game maybe with a view to joining a club in the future.

Coaching means you don't have to work through the common mistakes yourself.  We can help tell you which things work, which don't, and what to try, to improve your game.  It will focus on movement and body skills, racquet skills, refining stroke production and extending shot repertoire with rally building routines and game play.

Badminton will help you get fit and stay healthy.  It provides an aerobic workout and uses many different muscle groups for genuine fitness, flexibility and agility.  You don't have to be super-fit to play badminton and enjoy it.