Badminton Fixtures

The following is a list of all fixtures across all divisions for the current season of the Northumberland and Durham Badminton League.

Date Day Time Opposition Venue Team Results
27-Sep Wed 7pm Gateshead H Mens B WON
5 -4

12-Oct Thurs 7pm Whitley Chapel A Mxd WON
18-Oct Wed 7pm Jarrow H Mens A WON 7-2
24-Oct Tues 7pm Northern Tigers A A Mens B LOST
25-Oct Wed 7pm LNER H Mens LOST
05-Nov Sun 3pm Riverside A Mxd REARRANGED
09-Nov Thurs 7pm Medicals A A Mens  
14-Nov Tues 7pm NELSC A A Mens A  
15-Nov Wed 7pm St Gabs B H Mxd  
22-Nov Wed 7pm Jesmond Dene H Mens  
24-Nov Fri 7pm Hotspur A A Mens B  
28-Nov Tues 7pm LNER  A Mens  
01-Dec Fri 7pm Bewicke A Mens A  
06-Dec Wed 7pm Northern Tigers H Mens A  
13-Dec Wed 7pm Bewicke H Mxd  
03-Jan Wed 7pm St Gabs C H Mens B  
10-Jan Wed 7pm NESLC A H Mens A  
12-Jan Fri 7pm Bewicke       TBC A Mxd  
17-Jan Wed 7pm Medicals A H Mens  
28-Jan Sun 7pm NCBC Signature A A Mens  
29-Jan Mon 8pm Gatshead A Mens B  
31-Jan Wed 7pm Bewicke H Mens A  
01-Feb Thurs 7pm Jesmond Dene A Mens  
06-Feb Tues 8pm Northern Tigers A Mens A  
07-Feb Wed 7pm Whitley Chapel H Mxd  
18-Feb Sun 7pm St Gabs C A Mens B  
21-Feb Wed 7pm RAF Boulmer H Mens B  
28-Feb Wed 7pm Riverside H Mxd  
05-Mar Mon 7pm St Gabs B A Mxd  
07-Mar Wed 7pm Hotspur A H Mens B  
14-Mar Wed 7pm Northern Tigers A H Mens B  
21-Mar Wed 7pm NCBC Signature A H Mens  
25-Mar Sun 1:30pm Jarrow A Mens A  
        Div D Mxd  
        Div B Mens  
        Div E Mens A  
        Div G Mens B