Whether you are an aspiring professional, a club player, or a complete beginner, The Northumberland Club offers a wide range of squash activities. Whatever your level, our team of qualified and experienced squash professionals will help you to improve your game.

For those players wanting competition, the Club has a multitude of opportunities such as team matches, box leagues and fun competitions. During the year the Northumberland Club is host to a number of local, national and international events including a junior silver competition and the prestigious PSA $5000 Challenger event for Men and Ladies. 

The Northumberland Club has a comprehensive Junior Development Programme which caters for everyone aged between 4 and 18. Junior Players who enjoy competition are encouraged to play in the numerous local and regional competitions which are held throughout the season.

The Northumberland Club is also the perfect venue to play Racketball, one UK’s fastest growing sport. It is played on a regular squash court and is similar to squash but with a larger ball and shorter racket. 
Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis. 


Whatever your game of choice, you'll enjoy playing it at The Northumberland Club